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Raphael’s painting of the School of Athens. At center, Plato converses with Aristotle.

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If you are to transcend societal norms and attempt to break the mold built for you then it’s imperative that you build your own personal philosophy on life that keeps you strong in times of defeat, informs your decision making, and provides the intellectual framework to achieve financial freedom.  

One of the untold differences between those that are bricks in the wall and those that throw bricks at the wall, so to speak, is their belief system.  

What are your belief systems?  Did you purposely pick them or did you inherit them from your culture, society, or family?  Beliefs are a powerful psychological phenomenon that have a direct effect on your reality.  Here’s an example of a belief system that empowers:

My life is short.  My potential is unlimited.  The purpose of my life is to achieve the impossible before I die.

Here’s an example of a belief system that disempowers:

Life is short I die in the end so what difference does it make how I live?

What’s the significance of these two types of belief systems?  The actions the person takes based on these beliefs.  The person who is motivated by death to achieve their potential before they die will work 100x harder, endure the unbearable, and in the end, will achieve their goal.  

Why?  Because they know that the only way life would have any value to us humans is if we die.  If we lived forever life would have no value because there wouldn’t be consequences.  

On the other hand, someone with a nihilistic mindset sees the same thing, but reacts as if death was defeat.  With that thinking, death has truly defeated you because you are basically dead before dying.  

We humans transcend death by making it a motivation to be the best, work harder than we thought possible, and living up to our highest ideals.

The one quote that sums up the ethos I’m expressing comes from the late Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius:

“Death smiles at us all, but all a man can do is smile back.”

By pursuing financial freedom many of you are attempting to scale the proverbial Mount Everest.  You will need your mind on your side at all times. You cannot fall short of your goal unless you psychologically sabotage yourself.  

If you have an enlightened personal philosophy that arms you with intellectual weapons to fight self doubt, failure, and the opinions of others then you will reach your destination much quicker.

The answers to the following questions will give you sufficient substance to iron out a personal philosophy and will make you psychologically stronger on your journey towards financial freedom.

1)   What is the purpose of your life and why?

This is not an easy question to answer and tragically most people never answer it.   Life is an amazing paradox because we don’t come into this world with an instruction manual.  

Our purpose is what we will it to be.  If you are nihilistic you live without purpose, but how does that make you a better human being?  How does that give you superhuman strength when you’re going through hell?

2)   What are you willing to go through hell and back to achieve?

What are you willing to stake your existence on to achieve?  What’s the one thing that you would be willing to endure pain and heartache to make a reality?

3)   What are your highest ideals?

How do you see your ideal self living?  Do you honor your ideals even when it’s not in your self interest to do so?

4)   What values do you wish to live by?

What are the values that invigorate your spirit?  Which values inspire you most when you see them being acted upon?  Is it a commitment to truth or justice or honor or integrity or patience?

5)   How do you want to be remembered by generations to come?

3.5 billion people are living on less than $3 per day.  They are fighting for their life every single day. From 1914-1989 Germany was one of the harshest places to live in the western world.  Over 3 generations had to endure the horrors of World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, and the Cold War.  Where was their opportunity for freedom?  

On the night of August 12, 1961, the residents of Berlin went to sleep having no idea that when they woke up there would be a wall, guarded by armed soldiers, dividing East and West Berlin. Many Germans died without ever seeing their loved ones on the other side of the wall.  

If anyone is living on $3 per day in America it’s by choice and there will never be walls dividing Americans.  To be American is to live life in a privileged sphere.

Of course, no one working their ass off just to make ends meet wants to hear they are in any way privileged, but if you’re strategic, unrelenting, and committed to personal growth then you’re going to succeed.  

Being in a very powerful position I want you to think about what you will do with the power of being able to control your time. What will your life look like? What time will you wake up?  Will you travel?  If so, where, how long, and how often?  Will you learn a new language?  Will you volunteer for your favorite charity?  Will you write an inspiring manifesto in the French Riviera laying under the warm Mediterranean sun?  

Know your ‘why,’ know your life mission because billions of people will never have the opportunity that you have.  

I hope that gives you a sense of the value of your life and how important it is that you maximize your potential and contribute to the Good of humanity.  Too many people never actualize their potential because they live in the third world, but millions of perfectly healthy people living in rather rich nations also fall short of their potential and that is something that should motivate us to honor life by utilizing every last bit of talent in our bones.

From real estate investing to internet entrepreneurship to strategic living, there is nothing stopping the committed person.  Just commit to being financially free!  

If you have a hard time with commitment in general, begin to build your commitment muscle by working on a small piece of your plan every day. Positive habits and momentum are huge.  If you can do something every day for 30 days it will become a daily habit that you won’t need to think twice about doing.

All of this forward action and progress begins with the guidance and strength of having your own personal philosophy on life.

Excellence demands an outstanding psychology.  Not one you inherit from your environment, but one you customize for your unique mission in life.


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