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Wealth is power and we all know power is a dangerous thing to possess to the uninitiated.  

Imagine that our world was secretly controlled by extraterrestrial beings outside of physical human perception.  This knowledge would be powerful, but would it be good for everyone to possess?  If this were announced on the BBC or CNN everyone would go nuts and modern civilization would cease to exist.

You don’t put power into the hands of someone who isn’t prepared for power.  That would destroy them.  Likewise, financial freedom is power and you better be prepared for it.

Ever wonder what motivates a bullied teenager to grab a 9mm Glock and shoot their classmates?  


The instant they hold that gun they feel they have taken their power back.  They are overtaken by the adrenaline rush of finally feeling powerful and they commit an unforgivable act.

Within this context what makes someone prepared for the power of being financially free?  How can they ensure their new found power will not lead to their own self destruction?  

Your greatest enemy is making power your end and this can only be done by allowing your consciousness to be corrupted by primitive thoughts and making decisions based on intense egotism.  

You must starve the ego by cultivating your noble purpose and life mission.  Having a noble purpose in life bigger than you ironically makes you more powerful.  It gives you the extra push, motivation, willingness to suffer that those without a noble purpose do not have at their disposal.  

Most importantly it starves the primitive ego that is concerned with instant gratification, devotion to self interest, comfort, and power over others.

The second way to prepare yourself for the power of financial freedom is to cultivate a value system congruent with Enlightenment ideals. Enlightenment ideals include freedom, truth, knowledge, wisdom, and the application of reason.  If you live by these ideals you will gain power over the vicissitudes of life and you will undoubtedly transcend your circumstances.  These are ideals expressed all throughout the universe and they do not fail those that commit to them.

The third important piece of work to lay down is ensuring you do not allow your ego into the cockpit of your life.  You are just as complex as an F-18 fighter jet.  

The US military does not allow undisciplined and untrained pilots to command a $50 million piece of equipment.  When you make important life decisions out of the consciousness of egotism it’s just as dangerous as hopping into a fighter jet with no prior training or experience.  If you manage to take off tragedy awaits you.

The person who seeks wealth without the counsel of a noble purpose is the teenager with the handgun.  They have no clue how power can destroy them and the people they love.  Their ignorance is their most dangerous enemy just as Plato illustrates in the Republic. They commit the most unforgivable act by living a life worshiping callous self interest and holding the accumulation of wealth as their divine purpose.

In the end, financial freedom is power and power is dangerous.  In order to combat the pitfalls of power, you must starve your ego by having a noble purpose, an enlightened value system, and never make power your end goal.  It’s easier said then done, but if you can do these three things then the power of financial freedom will be a servant of your life mission.

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