What is Your Life Code?

‘The Meeting of Leo the Great and Attila’ by Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael.

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What’s your code?  Does your code have a price?  Is it conditional or non-negotiable?  The motto of the French Revolution was Liberté, Egalité, Fraternite.

What’s your code?  Is it money, sex, power?  Is it vanity, manipulation, ignorance?  Or is it a much more enlightened code?  Life gets so hectic that we overlook the most important of matters like what are my highest ideals and what values would I be proud to live by?

You must be the Michelangelo of your life, sculpting, with utmost perfection, every aspect of your life.  From Da Vinci to Raphael the Renaissance gave birth to some of the most impressive people the world has known and I believe financial freedom can be an accelerator of excellence and greatness in the world, allowing people to pursue their passions and talents irrespective of monetary concerns.  The more people who are financially free the more the human race will achieve and progress forward.

I’m willing to go through hell and back to stand up for my ideals and spread truth, justice, and knowledge so that people are empowered and live up to their highest potential.  This is the central reason for creating this site; to spread empowering financial information with a philosophical lens so that people can achieve financial freedom and contribute to advancing the human race.

I value growth over comfort, knowledge over ignorance, and freedom over status.   When meeting friends and potential lovers if these values are not complimentary to their values then I move on.  

It’s imperative to decipher the values of people you let into your life.  If you value growth, but your lover values comfort that’s a relationship destined to end prematurely and is a waste of your time.  You’ll be less likely to waste your time if you know your values.  

State them, proclaim them, and live by them.  You will undoubtedly attract people who have similar values.  Having people around you that live by the same code will supercharge your life.

I want to be remembered as someone who stood up for what was right, fought the good fights, and made a meaningful contribution to build a more enlightened world.

Life is too short not to be financially free.  Life is too valuable to live below your potential.  Arm yourself with the intellectual weapons a personal life code provides and conquer the challenges coming your way on the road to financial freedom.

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